solitaire valley

A purposeful fusion of real estate and hospitality, crafting a nature-inspired canvas where modern luxury unfolds in perfect harmony.

Real-estate development
that’s driven by purpose

Nature’s elegance,
Modern Comfort

Welcome to Solitaire Valley an integration of low density residential and commercial architecture designed to exist effortlessly in nature and efficiently deliver on the current needs of a modern family. As a leading real estate brand in Prayagraj, we are on a mission to transform cityscapes, creating living spaces that seamlessly blend with nature's elements and evoke ‘health, happiness and harmony’ in the lives of the people who inhabit it.

Creating conscious infrastructure across
Ayodhya & Prayagraj
Real-estate development
that’s driven by purpose
    100 sq. yard - 200 sq. yard
    900 sq. ft - 1800 sq. ft
    900 sq. ft - 1800 sq. ft
    30,000sq ft
    Under construction
    100 sq. yard - 100 sq. yard
    900 sq. yard - 1800 sq. yard
    900 sq. yard - 1800 sq. yard
Modern Luxury
in Natures Lap
Real-estate development
that’s driven by purpose
THE solitaire
harmonious living
with nature

Luxurious 5 Star Hotel and Villa with 240 keys situated On 7.2 Acres of Land-scape Property

An unwavering commitment to excellence, visionary design, and impeccable services redefine the way we live. Discover The Solitaire, in Ayodhya, where luxury and spirituality harmoniously converge in

he heart of this sacred city. A revolutionary luxury 5-star hotel project, it seamlessly blends hospitality and real estate, featuring

a magnificent hotel tower and 29 luxury villas with an iconic design that mirrors the surrounding landscape. Our project prioritizes sustainability and consciousness, ensuring operations align with responsible practices in both the realms of hospitality and real estate.

Investment Reimagined

with double-digit and a conservative exit price imagined after 5 years, this investment offers an unparalleled opportunity in India. Your investment in the hotel has the potential to double, making it an attractive strategic choice for those seeking not only luxury living but also a promising investment.

A Spiritual Journey

your spiritual sanctuary nestled amidst 1500 teakwood trees, each 30 to 40ft tall, The Solitaire is where every stay is a transformative journey. Welcome to a realm where luxury meets spirituality, creating an unforgettable stay that nourishes the soul.

Solitaire Ayodhya stands at the crossroads of convenience. Strategically located, the property is :
  • Approx 12 km from Ram Mandir
  • Approx 7 km from Ayodhya Dham Railway Station
  • Approx 8 km from New International Airport, Ayodhya
  • 350 Meters from Lucknow-Ayodhya Highway
your haven of luxury encompasses :
  • 4 resturants
  • rooftop pool
  • 12,000 Sq Ft of Banquet Facility
  • 4,000 Sq Ft of Meeting Rooms with Offsite capability
  • a private club for villa guests with resturants
  • 5,000 Sq Ft of Gym and SPA Facility
  • huge water body & extensive green space
  • individual pool in all villas
Solitaire Ayodhya invites you to not only experience luxury but also be a part of an in-vestment journey that promises remarkable returns, making every moment an extra-ordinary chapter in your life's journey.
Panchtatva - Our founding philosophy!
Real-estate development
that’s driven by purpose
  • Earth
    The Foundation of Stability
    Our Vastu compliant architectural designs create homes that resonate with the grounding energy of the earth, fostering a harmonious connection with nature.
  • Sky
    The Essence of Purity and Existence
    Our landscaping water bodies along with rainwater harvesting systems and sewage plants ensure responsible waster usage, contributing to the sustainability of our surroundings.
  • Water
    The vast expanse that nurtures boundless possibilities
    A living space that celebrates the sky's vast expanse. Where the careful balance of open areas ensures an abundance of light, colour, and a touch of the celestial.
  • Fire
    The Truest Source of Energy
    The radiant energy of sunlight, is harnessed through solar technology. This not only provides reliable 24-hour power backup but also fuels a seamless living experience.
  • Air
    The Invigorating Breath of Life
    A sanctuary where 54% open space invites you to breathe in the revitalising air, filled with the fragrances of blooming flora and the purity of nature.
Panchtatva - Our founding philosophy!
Real-estate development
that's driven by purpose
A luxurious venture into nature's harmony
Real-estate development
that's driven by purpose
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